Frequently Asked Questions
How well did I do? What does my score mean ?
Intelligence Interval Cognitive Designation
30-45 Below Grade
45-50 Below average
50-60 Average
60-65 Above average
65-75 Gifted
75-90 Genius
90-100 Extraordinary genius

Is this test valid for people who do not speak English well?
While the test is remarkably valid for English speaking adults, there is some decrease in validity for those who do not speak English well and for those under sixteen years of age.

Can I take the test again ?
You can login to re-take the test at any time. Follow the directions to overwrite your first score with a new score. If you purchase the Complete Personal Intelligence Profile, your account will be locked to maintain the integrity of the report, and you will not be able to take the test again using that account. But you can still retake the test using a different email address.

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